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Meet Our Teachers

Mrs. Vaughan (Ms. Nancy)

Lead Teacher - Preschool


Nancy Vaughan has been teaching preschool for many years.  She loves the enthusiastic preschooler! They are eager to participate in everything, and she enjoys planning activities to engage and challenge them.

Nancy is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts.  She is certified as a lead teacher/director in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut.  She lives with her husband and they have two daughters.  When Nancy is not teaching, she enjoys reading, trying new recipes, traveling with her husband, visiting art museums, and having tea with friends.


Favorite Things

Food:   Pasta

Season:  Fall

Song:  Bean Bag Boogie

Part of the Day:  Circle Time

Color:  Yellow


 Ms. Alanna
Lead Teacher

Alanna has been teaching in public schools for 8 years. Ms. Alanna loves calendar time, small group table, and working one on one with the children.

She is a graduate of Worcester State and received her Masters at Anna Maria College. She lives with her husband, son and two dogs, Bella and Franklin. 

                                   Favorite Things                                                              

      Food:    Black Raspberry Ice Cream

Season:  summer and Fall         

     Song:    The Aerobic A-Z's       

   Part of the Day : outdoor time

Color:  Blue                            



                                                                                              Ms. Kate
                                                                 Director/ Lead Teacher

Ms. Kate has been teaching in education for several years. She been at Mad Brook three years. She loves dancing and singing with the children. She enjoys introducing the children to different art and art activities.

Ms. Kate graduated from Anna Maria  College and is working on her Masters. She lives with her two children and her dog Snoops.  She enjoys adventures with her children, being with friends, and having family time. In her free time she LOVES watching  college basketball.

                                                Favorite Things

                                        Food:  anything with eggplant and carrot cake

                                       Season:   summer

                                       Song: The Numbers Rumba
                                       Restaurant:  308 Lakeside

                                       Part of the Day: circle time

                                       Color: orange





Mrs. Hubacz


Mrs. Hubacz established Mad Brook in 1989 and currently serves as both the director and a part time teacher for the preschool and after school programs.  She has been a teacher for a number of years, having taught every grade level from preschool through grade twelve, with the exception of grades seven and eight.  Mrs. Hubacz received her B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts with minor in secondary education.  She also attended Hesser College, Lowell University, and Central New England College before returning to the University of Massachusetts for her Master's in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Microwave Engineering.  At a later date, she continued her studies at Worcester State College where she received her Master's in Early Childhood Education.   


Mrs. Hubacz and her husband have a daughter and a son.  Her daughter lives in Vermont with her husband and their five children, two daughters and three sons.  Her son lives in New Hampshire with his wife.         

Favorite Things

Color: Blue

Restaurant: Two Chefs

Season: summer, winter and fall

Favorite activities are: kayaking, skiing, reading, teaching, and vacationing with her extended family at Cape Cod.





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