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Welcome to Mad Brook

Welcome to Mad Brook

Welcome to Mad Brook Welcome to Mad Brook

Information on COVID-19

Dear Parents:     I  am writing to you today with information and guidance regarding the new coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, first identified in late December 2019.      Risk to Massachusetts residents remains low according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The populations most at risk are the elderly and those with existing medical conditions. Children are considered low risk.     However, we are still preparing and planning for impact from the COVID-19 virus. Our program leaders are in close communication with the local board of health and the Department of Early Education and Care as new information becomes available.     As you may be aware, COVID-19 is spread through close person-to person contact. As a result, we ask that you please notify us if any member of your household has recently traveled to a Level-3 country (the list can be found here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019ncov/travelers/index.html) or experienced any other potential exposure risk. We also ask that you to keep your child at home if: • Your child is exhibiting symptoms including fever or cough; • Someone in your home is exhibiting symptoms; or • Someone in your home has been in close contact with a person who is showing signs of being sick.    We are working closely with staff to ensure that they are following the same guidelines. We are also emphasizing good handwashing routines with our children. Additionally, we are working diligently to fully clean and sanitize our classrooms regularly.     Our program will operate on our normal schedule unless we receive guidance from our local board of health that we need to temporarily close. If that decision is made, we will reach out as soon as possible.    You can find more information about how to best protect yourself and your family from COVID-19 on the Department of Public Health’s website: www.mass.gov/2019coronavirus.        We will keep you updated as additional information becomes available.                                                                                                                    

Files coming soon.

Preschool News

Winter News 2020

Happy 2020!    We are near the end of January, looking forward to February, boy has it been  BUSY!        This month, have been introducing the letters Hh, Ii, and Jj. Also, the numbers 6 & 7.  A few themes we will be discussing will be, what season is it?  What do you wear during each season? What do you like to do in the snow?, and where do some animals live during the winter, hibernation, and animal tracks. In our dramatic play area, we have a washer, dryer, and some clothes to fold and sort. Hopefully, the children will practice here and go home to do laundry chores for you!    This month we are starting a new reading challenge. We will be sending home a large piece of paper that has a hot chocolate mug on it, with a grid full of reading activities.  When your child completes an activity, have them cut out a “book” marshmallow and glue it onto the hot chocolate mug. When the mug is filled with at least 12 reading marshmallows to complete the activity. Then, have your child bring it back for our bulletin board. This is a month  long reading program, so please do not rush to have it returned. At the end of the program, we will have a hot chocolate party for all the children.  Any questions, please ask.  As far as school cancellations due to snow or icy weather; I will send out an email notice and also post cancellations on the Mad Brook Academy Facebook page and the 34madbrook Instagram pages.    The book orders are being sent home. They are due January 31st. I will not be sending out an order before Valentine’s Day.  Also, during February will we be having parent’s conferences. They will be scheduled for certain days and times. The times will be posted next week, please remember to sign up. The conferences can only be 15 minutes long, as they will be back to back for us.  I would encourage all parents to sign up.      During February vacation, (17-21) the preschool will be open. We will be open ALL week for daycare, extended day care is available until 5.  If, your child will be out, please contact me. Thank you!      Just a reminder that if your child is sick with a fever, pink eye, or the stomach bug, or other sicknesses; PLEASE DO NOT send them to school. Our Health Policy states 24hr free of all symptoms. Please be courteous to your teachers and the children here.  


       Lastly, don't forget your child's snow clothes and inside shoes for them to change into for the classroom.   


Thank you,    Kate