Preschool News

November News 2019

December 12 and December 13, we had two Christmas programs for families and friends. Each day we had a full audience,  singing, smiling, and happy performing children, and proud teachers. 

Thank you to all the families that made time to see the shows. 

December 16 and December 19, we had our kids cookie parties. The children had a wonderful time decorating and EATING, the cookies. Thank you to the parents who brought in donations for the party. 

The children enjoyed reading a Christmas themed book a day. It was a lot of fun to guess what was behind the mystery number.

And, of course Brook, our classroom Elf. She enjoyed observing the classroom and it was always interesting to hear the children discuss how she moves and what she tells Santa everynight, on her journey back to the North Pole.

 REMINDERS*  *There is a sign in and sign out board at the door. Please try to sign in AND sign out your child.   *at drop off and pick up time, vehicles must be shut off*all children must be walked into and out of the building with an adult *Thank you to those who have brought in tissues, hand soap, and markers for donations for the classroom.   *Please pack with your child's snack or lunch silverware, napkins, and a water bottle: our supplies are being depleted quickly * Please remember, not to send to school a sick child. If your child has a temperature of 101,  has vomited,  diarrhea,  persistent cough,  a rash, and/ or a green discharge from their nose, PLEASE DO NOT  send them into school until they have been symptom free for 24 hrs.     Please start to pack a winter hat, winter mittens, and warm jackets for your child.  The weather on the hill is always changing and a bit colder.   The classroom is fairly warm, but please dress your child in warmer clothes or pack an extra sweatshirt or sweater for them to wear if they get cold. Mittens are warmer than gloves ans your child can be more independent dressing with mittens. * School  closings, I will notify through email and also post on the Mad Brook  Facebook page.  Save the Dates   Monday, December 23rd- Wednesday, January 1, 2019 we will be CLOSED for Christmas break. We will re-open on Thursday, January 2, 2020.